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How do I tell my friend who’s having so much trouble getting pregnant that I’m expecting without making her feel bad?

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I would tell her privately, just incase she does get upset. And just be honest. If she's a good friend she'll be happy for you!
As someone who has had trouble getting pregnant, I understand your hesitation. But I agree with LadyGaga... I'm sure she'll be happy for you,even if she is upset with her own situation.
I am in the same situation... I am pregnant with our 2nd child now with a son who just turned one. This pregnancy was a 'surprise' and I have 2 sets of friends dealing with infertility. One have one daugter who's 3 and have been trying since she was born for a second child, and the other couple have been trying for a little over a year with no luck at all... and the girl in this relationship is desperate for a baby and gets depressed every month when it doesn't take.I haven't told either of them about our current pregnancy, as I'm only 6 weeks in, but for the last pregnancy I called them each seperately and said "I have some news that's going to be bittersweet for you, we're expecting. I know how badly you want a child, so I wanted to give you time to process the info privately, but I know you care about us and will be happy for us also."I feel this way they don't have to put on an act to your face, and they can get their emotions out of the way and come to terms on their own. If they are your friend, they are going to be happy for you, but at the same time, it hurts and reminds them of their own struggles. Hope this helps, and Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Above all else, make sure YOU tell her.  Don't let her find out from someone else. 
I had to tell my best friend two years ago that I was expecting and she was going through the IVF process at the time. It was hard considering our son was a huge suprise. But she dealt with the news well. I was very worried to tell her. But she was happy for me in the end. And eight months later she found out she was pregnant. Now we have two little boys almost exactly a year apart. Everything works out the way its suppose to in the end.
just tell her that your pregnant
okay chiming in on this convo. i lost TWO babies, one, a son late in the pregnancy due to complications when i was 16. the other one an early miscarriage a year ago on the 19th of this month. its hard to deal with, but when my best friend just told me shes pregnant, i was happy for her. its hard honestly, and sometimes i find myself feeling jealous, but as her best friend all i want is to share the happiness with her and to pray for better luck in her pregnancy then i had.  

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