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how do u know u qualify for pregnancy disability leave ?

3 answers
so im36 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me i have to stop working andapply for pregnancy disability leave which she gave me the application and said to fill it out anonce i stop working she would fill out but im wondering if i qualify for that disability insurence i have been working two months in the job im in and everytime i get paid i get taxes deducted does anyone know how this work or what are the requirments to qualify?

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It varies from State to State. I reside in CA so over here, anyone who is a citizen and has been working qualifies.My suggestion, just google Maternity leave in (which ever state you reside)Best of luck!
You should go straight to your human resources person, they are the only ones who can tell you exactly what you're entitled to and what you can do.In my state, most jobs will not pay unless you have been working longer than a year at the job. But just because you may not be eligible for paid leave, does not mean you still couldn't use some unpaid leave. Again, this is all up to your HR person.
This is something you'll need to talk with HR director about.

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