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How do you decide in a name??

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I am due in a couple of weeks with my first baby and i am so confused.Im scared that she will hate the name my boyfriend and i pick for her or that she wont feel special growing up.We decided we like Ava Sophia and i really love the name.I know that recently it has become popular but i have always loved the name.Can anyone think of a differnt name similar to this one? I have been reading every baby name book out there and im so scared i will go into labor and not know the babys name!!Am I just being a nervous first time mom?Please Help...

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I think the name you have chosen is beautiful!! If you are worried about Ava being popular you could go with Eva which is pretty and unique! But the name you chose is one that you and your boyfriend have chosen together which makes it special! I am sure she will love her name!
it really doesnt matter what u name your baby as long as you love it & as for being a nervous first time mom i cant help but laugh but it will get worse. name your baby girl ava & even if she doesnt love it when she gets older she will still love you
Don't be too worried about kids hating their name.  I think in general most people like their name or deal with it well.  It's not like naming a child "Brick Wall" or something.  Just keep in mind that they need to be taken seriously as an adult and names that are too trendy or unsual may give way to more common place nicknames.  My sister has daughters named Teleri, Aerin and Cordelia. and I have a nephew named Cian (Key-an) they all seem to like their names well enough and don't seem to bitter about the choice.  You never can tell the future temperment of your child 100%.  So don't fuss too much!  It will all work out.
i love that name but if ur not sure about it heres some names willow meadow mia katonna donna lacy sarina  those are pretty names if i have a girl im naming her carlie navaya and if its a boy im naming him mason drake

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