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How do you know?

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When you lose your mucus plug? What is it like? Will I know for sure thats what it is?

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i havent had the baby yet but ive heard you will know if the plug comes out , i heard its like a clump of white and bloodyish stuff..sometimes it doesnt even come out. but if u see if im sure you would know becasue its something different.
Thanks...Think im just getting nervous with only 10 weeks and 2 days left.. lol
Mine never came out with either one that I noticed.  The doctor told me that it did with my second and that I shouldn't take any baths or be anywhere I needed to sit in water for a long period of time due to it.  But I walked around 4cm dialated for 3 weeks before he decided to come.  My water also didn't break with either before.  They broke it on the first because I was induced 2 weeks early and it was a "spontaneous" break with the second because when she touched it to see if it was intact it broke. 
the mucus plug ... i was induced i had a bloody show first some women get it some dont i know its dont hurt but when the water break its a burst of water that runs down u and then u are in labor. u are dialating.

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