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How do you know if you are having a Boy or Girl?

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Please tell me any thing will help I am 9 weeks pregnant and I can't wait even though I have not been to my first apointment my belly is already growing and it's making me anxious.

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A friend of mine used the Chinese Calendar, she said its was right for her two pregnancies and her sister's too.  This is how it works: Add your age, the month you were born and the month you got pregnant.  If the final number is an even number its a girl if its an odd, then its a boy. Example: Your age: 20 , you were born on February thats month 2, and you got pregnant on July, that is month 7. So 20+2+7=29 thats an odd so its gonna be a boy. My friend says it works and that is been right for generations in her family.  Its a fun way to know the sex of your baby....hope it helps!
go see ur doctor and ask him/her

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