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how do you know if your going into labor?

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how do you know if your going into labor if your water doesn't break or you dont have any bloody discharge? what do contractions feel like?

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My water didn't break with either of my babies, nor did I have a bloody discharge.  My first was induced, so those contractions feel completely different.  My second was not - those you could definitely tell were contractions.  It was a tightening of my entire stomach and back - like a rubberband.  It tightened all the way around at the same time.  A lot of lower back aching when the contractions weren't full on.  I timed them and they were consistently a few minutes apart so I knew.  But when I had one I had to stop walking and either stand still or lean over a coffee table to get through them.  Think cramps, but all over front and your back.  Do you think you are having contractions?

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