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Just like when you have hiccups, they're rhythmic twitches.  If your baby's head-down, you'll feel them mostly in your pelvis.  If your baby's head-up you'll feel them at the top of your belly.  Some babies don't get hiccups at all, though, and that's normal, too.
Mine boh had them all the time!  Your belly will jump kind of like you're the one having hiccups.  It's safe and normal, nothing to worry about.  My son had hiccups up til the minute I delivered him, and still gets them often at 7 days old.  It just happens.
It will feel just like it normally does when you feel the baby moving, but it will be much more rhythmic and regular than normal movements.  My daughter would get hiccups almost every day after I ate lunch - it's actually really funny! :-)

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