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how do you know when labor is getting close??

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I am not a first time mom we have a 16 month old however things are so much different this time around since we were induced with her. I have been having preterm labor since 30 weeks and bedrest since 32 weeks since I was dialating early. I am now at 34 weeks and am 3 cm dialated and about 50% effaced at the last check.. I also think that my son has dropped.. my stomach appears lower and I have lots of pressure and have to go to pee every 5 seconds all of a sudden. I am having the contractions again just not real regular. I am curious as to if all of this would mean that labor is just around the corner we should be preparing or if I am concerned abotu nothing.. I am really ready to have this little guy soon I have been having a terrible time getting sleep at night even though i am exhausted.. any thought would be greatly appreciated

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It's so hard to say when you could be going into labor.  My second pregnancy was so different than my first too.  To get to sleep at night and be able to relax I had to take a warm shower late at night, then I slept like a dream (or as much as you can 9 months pregnant).  The pressure and having to pee is a good sign, it's means he's nice and low.  I walked around from about 36 weeks until 2 days after my due date at 4cm dilated.  I went shopping on his due date like that.  It all depends on when your little one is going to want to come into the world.  I think your real sign will be either your water breaks from the pressure of him or you are going to have very consistent contractions.  Right now your body is probably just getting ready for it all.  Luckily you are at a safe place so even if you went today he should be just fine.  Good luck! :)

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