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how do you make labor less painful and quick?

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im a firsty and im terafied by the pain... i just dont want to feel that much pain... and also terified of the epadural..... so yeah i need advice from a mom that has all ready been though this situation.

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Be very lucky. :)Seriously, though. I have had two daughters, both vag. I didn't have an epidural with either. I hate needles. I didn't even want an IV. Most docs will allow you to have some narcotic type pain killers with the IV, but they can affect your baby. #1 slept for 24 hours striaght after she was born.The best advice I can give is get educated. The more you know about what is hapening and why, the easier it is to deal with it. Talk to some of the labor nurses. They have seen it all and will probably have some good ideas.Remember, it is pain for a purpose and it will all be over before you know it with a beautiful new baby in your arms.Good luck. :)
i've also had 2 vag births, 1st was with epidural and was in labor for 30 min ans he was out, didnt hurt at all, 2nd had nothing and it really hurt like hell. glad i got to experance both. im 35 weeks now and trying to decide how i want this one to go. im really thinking of getting the ep, just because of the pain i went thur, but i say either way, i no u will do a good job!!!!! good luck
I have had 2 natural births and the 2nd time I was able to keep myself more calm knowing that the pain was going to end soon. The more relaxed you can stay (might be hard) the faster your body can do what it needs to do to move the baby down and out.  Start sitting on a birthing ball now bc it can soften your cervix and open your pelvis for delievery.  That might sounds crazy but my friends and I swear by the birthing ball for our pregnancys.  My longest labor was a total of 4 hours.  Remember that your bosy knows what to do so trust youself!  Good luck!
I had 2 vaginal births, my first with an epidural...wonderful birth!  It didn't last long, it didn't hurt, the needle for the epidural didn't even hurt.  It was so great!  My second, no epidural, no local pain meds, no iv pain meds, I got nothing and it hurt SO bad!  I shook for 30 minutes after the birth which was only 45 minutes from the time I arrived at the hospital (the entire labor was only 2 hours and 45 minutes.)  It was one of the most horrible experiences ever!  I got my beautiful and funny baby boy out of it but there was nothing about his birth that I can look back at and smile about.  It all happened so fast and was so painful there were no pictures taken!  I'll be getting the epidural with this one, no doubt about it!!  Do your research!  Listen to YOUR body and keep an open mind.  There is nothing wrong with going in there saying I want to go natural and then changing your mind or wanting to have the epidural and then deciding you can do it on your own.  You have to be comfortable and have an open mind to things not going how you planned them in your head!  Good luck!
I'm scared too! but I had my first Prenatal class yesterday and I'm starting to feel better already. I highly recomend taking prenatal classes,and asking as many questions as you for a quick birth, I learned yesterday that its better to let labor run its course,because if your cervix opens up fast,and stretches so much in a short amount of time,its going to be more uncomfortable than a longer birth!just remember our bodies are made for this, and whatever pain we are in at that time,will be over eventually. good luck!
Definitely start doing research now. There are a ton of natural birth stories you can read. Just google it (I love google!). Labor tools are key for a natural birth! The birth ball like HyperHeath said, tennis balls for rubbing your back, ice packs, heat packs, music, massage oils, aromatherapy, and water are all I can think of off the top of my head. I had a natural birth with my first and was very young with a very unhelpful dr and I was miserable! Took the epidural with the next 2 and had no pain but all I cared about was sleeping with it. This time I'm researching, reading about others who did it natural and the birth tools they used, and hoping for a much better natural birth. Also using a doula has been highly recommended. I wish you all the best of luck! :)

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