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How do you tell if the babys moving?

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Every doctor ive been to has told me im not pregnant when i went to get a piss test, i havent gotton a blood test yet because my primary doctor said i was purposly trying to get pregnant! so how do you tell if its movement or what? i want to know! :(

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ive been felling movements in my stomach and are just worried!
How long has it been since you had your period? Is your cycle usually pretty regular?Most women don't feel the baby move until about 16-20 weeks pregnant. The fetus starts to move a little at about 12 weeks or so.Most likely what you are feeling is gas bubbles. I know I was more aware of those after I had my first baby and knew what her movements felt like. It is kinda similar.
u wont feel the baby move till like 16wks and on so unless ur missed ur period for 4 months ur probly not pregnant..and even if the docs thinks ur doing it on peropose he still needs to give u a blood test if ur askin him 2!
go to another doctor or a clinic

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