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How does age affect pregnancy?

2 answers
I am 33 and just found out I am pregnant for the third time. Have 2 teenage daughters! I don't remember my breasts being so dang sore!!! Anyone know if age is a factor?

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I don't think ago is a factor for sore boobs.  (I'm 29 and on my second pregnancy, and my boobs hurt like nobody's business, while with my first pregnancy two years, they barely bothered me.)  When I asked my doctor, he said that every pregnancy is different, so the symptoms that you experience each time can be different and vary in severity.  (This time: super sore boobies, but no morning sickness whatsoever.)  My advice: make sure you have a comfortable, supportive bra and realize that this too shall pass!  Good luck with #3!
im on my 3rd also and will be 31 when i have my lil one. my boobs hurt so bad. they are growing tho, and hopefully i may keep sum after the baby comes,lol. but my dr also said it was normal and my be tender the whole time

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