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how does being pregnant feel?

4 answers
how does having a baby make you feel

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It's a awesome feeling!! However very tiring!! It's just a unique experience that i find amazing!
I think its different for everyone and different in every pregnancy. For some it is awesome, for some it is miserable.
It is hard to describe it.  You are happy.  When you feel the baby moving inside you that is the best feeling, because you realize that first off there is life in there, second off that you will be a mommy soon.  Your hormones are out of whack so sometimes you feel sad, mad, happy, excited, etc.  After your baby is born and they hand you the baby you are nervous, excited, and sad.  You hare nervous because the baby will be so little.  You are excited because it is all finally over and your baby is here.  You will be sad because you won't feel the baby inside you anymore.  You will also be so happy.  When you look at your baby for the first time it may make you cry.  ( I  know I have with my 3 other babies and I am sure I will do it with my fourth).  I hope this helped.
its amazing its the best feeling ever i love it im 6 weeks now

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