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how does it feel when your baby first moves

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For me And my son At first it felt like some one had put a really big butterfly in my tummy and I would feel little movements I am 21 weeks now and it feels funny he like to poke me.. and roll over alot almost like gas until you reach down and press and rub and something bumps against your hand ;)
for me, it felt like vibrations in my stomach. it was like i had swallowed my cell phone while it was on vibrate mode and it was just randomly going off. i didn't even know the feelings were my babygirl moving until the doctor ask me if i was feeling her move while she was listening to her, then told me she was moving.
For me, I didn't feel (know what I was feeling) until I was about 18 weeks when I felt him, it was like a thump or flutter right under my bellybutton. Now at 22 weeks he is my little Thumper, I can always feel and see him push out. It's almost like he is just jumping around in there.

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