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how early in my pregnancy can i start spotting?

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Spotting in early pregnancy probably means that the sack that the baby is in is attaching to the uterine wall.  I would call my ob doctors office and talk to a nurse about it.  If they think it is anything but normal they will set you up with an appointment right away.  But you can pretty much spot throughout the pregnancy.  It just depends on the consistancy of the blood.  If it is a little bit of pink and only shows up every once in awhile it is fine.  If it is a darker red and occurs several times through out the day then I would get to the hospital.  If you ever notice a lot of mucus with the blood then I again would get to the hospital right away.  But again i am not a doctor and can only go by my experiences and what doctors have told me.  But whenever in doubt call your ob doctors office.  No questions are to weird for them and they will not get mad or anything if you call a lot.  That is what they are there for.
I've read your other postings and I think the best thing for you to do is to go to a doctor or clinic and take a pregnancy test there.  Once you find out that you are in fact pregnant, take a list of any and all questions you need answered with you so you can get some straight answers.  Your body will do all kinds of wacky things it's never done before in the next 9 months, and most of it, no matter how weird or uncomfortable, will be normal.  There's a stigma that pregnant women are crazy- well hell- if men had to go through what we have to I think they'd be just as crazy!The next best thing is to read everythng you can get your hands on about pregnancy, so you know what MIGHT happen, and that you understand IS happening.  This site has good info, also has a lot of really great, useful info.  The book that site stems from is What to Expect While You're Expecting- BUY IT.  It gives you a month- by- month breakdown of your pregnancy- read it on the toilet if you're not a big reader.  It will give you tremendous piece of mind, and you can also look up things like 'cramps' and get great info late at night when the doctor's sleeping.

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