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How far along can I be before I have to stop riding my horse if I am strictly trail riding and just walking? I am 29 weeks now...

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I have been riding my whole life, and continue to ride my horse every 1 to 2 weeks. When I found out I was pregnant we stopped cantering/running and now only very occasionally trot. Can I ride throughout my entire pregnancy? I completely trust my horse and we only go on trails that she is very familiar with and that I know hold no surprises.

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hello,     not many can or will answer that. but speaking from personall experiance, i will do my best to put your mind at know your horse and you trust each other, as long as you don't try to run races, you should be fine up until your due. but i would suggest no more trotting now. the gental sway of the walk can really comfort your baby aslo. Only down side you child may be hooked on horses from the start lol. i know mine was. just remember your balance might be off some with the baby belly so make sure you use a saddle or something with stirrups to keep center. even the best barebacker can fall alittle side ways.i had a schedualed c/s so i knew when i was going to have to slow down. i road almost every day until the last two weeks then when to 3 days a week. please use a mounting block to get up in the saddle, to keep from straning your ligaments. trust me you don't want sure to check with your ob or midwife, to make sure there are no worries. as long as you take it easy, and know your horse, i would say you should be fine to ride until your due. or at least until week 38-39. then i would cut back some. you don't want your child born in the saddle litteratly. (mine almost was. went for one last ride before time to go to the hospital.) just don't wander to far from the barn or another person just in case, and always have a phone with you, even if its just on silent for you to call out. you don't want baby to decide to come in the middle of who knows were.hope this helps, take care, and enjoy your horse. i miss mine horribly.-Alissa
I had a very trustworthy horse and I rode him until I was 8 1/2 months pregnant.  I had friends that rode while pregnant and they told me, "You'll just know when you can't ride anymore."  And they were right.  I was not jumping, but doing plenty of dressage and I would get a little sore.  And then one day I rode and I couldn't get off.  Luckily, my horse was really sweet and stood quietly while I dismounted into the bed of a truck.  And it was at that moment that I knew I was done.I got back in the saddle about 3 weeks after I had my son.  I probably could have waited longer, but I took it easy for a while.  It's hard to get those ab muscles back into shape.I also ended up selling my horse when my son was almost a year.  I didn't have enough time and money.  (My husband works in the evening so I had to hire a babysitter in order to be able to ride.)  BUT, I have lots of horsey friends and they always are offering to let me ride their horses, so I'm keeping in riding shape.I know this is more info than requested, but I hope this helps you know what to expect.  A baby really rocks your world.  :) Take care,Jill
i dont think it can hurt unless you fell off but as long as ur just walking it should be ok                             danita

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