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how far along do you usually start to feel movement or kicks from your baby?

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during my first pregnancy, i felt my daughter around 4 months but with my second, i felt just at 3 months cause i knew what to expect. even my obgyn was surprised.
I was about 4 months pregnant with my son, and I was lucky enough to have my mom standing right there with me:)
i am 14 weeks along and i think i felt the baby move the other day. it was the most amazing feeling. it felt like a muscle spazm in my stomach or like little butterflies. most people say that you can not feel movement until like 20 weeks but i think it just depends on the person and how much you pay attention.
I ask myself as well how early can you feel the baby move? At my second appointment a nurse asked me if I felt any movements. I questioned it, as this is my first and I am a bigger woman. I told her I have felt flutters at times like butterflies or similar to popcorn popping, or even like a muscle twitching feeling down that way (something I have never felt before). She told me that it is probably not movements and would not note in my file! However those feelings have only become more often and stronger and I am early still... I am 11 weeks!!
I am 16 weeks pregnant and I felt my baby kick for the first time how ever this is my second child I felt flutters at 14 weeks. With my first I didn't feel a kick until I was 18 weeks. It depends on you tho because people are different it can take up to 26 weeks to feel your baby kick for the first time.
I am 15 weeks and I feel my baby move.. Not to hard but like everyone else is saying a little flutter. And now that I know that this feeling is my baby moving, I know the first time I felt my baby move was at 13 n half weeks. But the feeling has grown stronger. I have read up on it and they say women that are smaller in size do tend to feel baby move weeks early.


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