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how far along should you be when you feel your baby move

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You will feel the baby move yourself at between 13 to 16 weeks.  It will feel just like a flutter.  Like the baby is swimming in there. You will be the only one who can feel this.  When you get to around 16-20 weeks others will be able to feel the baby kick. This varies from woman to woman though.  I hope this helped.
Anywhere between 18-24 weeks, second time moms sometimes feel the baby as early as 13/14 weeks though.  If you haven't felt the baby move by 24 weeks then your doctor will be concerned.  If feels like it takes forever with the first pregnancy, but it is so worth it. The initial feeling will feel like flutters, bubbles, etc. so it might be hard to recognize or you may even mistake it for something else.
I felt both of mine at 14 weeks.  People thought I was crazy with my first one when I said I could feel it, but that feeling never went away and only got stronger and harder.  By my second pregnancy, I knew it in fact was the movement when I felt it.  No one else could feel it until later in the 5th month, and definitely by 6 months.
I think I was about 18 weeks with my first baby and it was much earlier this time around (14 weeks). It also depends on your build. I'm very petite. I hear that women with more room in there may not feel movement until much later. Everyone is different! Don't be worried about what you hear from other people. Your doctor will help you determine what is normal for you.

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