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How far into my pregnancy will I start getting stretch marks?

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I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant and I wanted to know around what week will I start to get stretch marks around my belly. I've been applying Palmer's Cocoa Butter since I found out I was pregnant. I also wanted to know what type of cream's people are using. Thanks!

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Honestly, whether or not you get stretch marks is all in the genetics.  No amount of lotion or creme is going to prevent them.  I started to get them around 16 weeks and have plenty.Now, what the lotions and cremes do for you is this.  1 - help keep the itching at bay because your skin gets so dry.  2 - anything with cocoa or shea butter, also neroli oil will help keep those stretch marks soft. I made the choice to avoid many products that have parabens.  I use's Massage Therapy bar on my belly.  It's paraben free with cocoa and shea butters and neroli oil.  Oh, and did I mention it smells great!  Nice and relaxing.  I use it twice a day and love it.  It has made a huge difference.
I'm a small statured woman, only 5'3" and 117 before pregnancy and I've gained 25lbs so far and I'm 37 weeks preggo and I haven't gotten ANY stretch marks. I rubbed palmers cocoa butter on my belly after every shower starting at 20 weeks. I know everyone is different and there are some people that dont get any and some who get a lot no matter what they use.
I was one of those unlucky people that tried everything with my first pregnancy and still gots tons of stretch marks! I tried everything but I have been using the cocoa butter with this pregnancy and although I doubt it will make a difference as to wether I get more this time around it does seem to add moisture to my skin.. good luck and just hope and pray that you are lucky genetically and dont get them =)
Thanks everyone. I'm hoping to be the lucky one's that don't get much or any stretch marks but I highly doubt it =)
It depends on your skin and genetics.  I've had them since getting hips and boobs at puberty, so I knew I would get them for sure during pregnancy.  Sure enough they showed up around week 15 and at 21 weeks I now have them on the tummy.  I've only gained 14 lbs and have used cocoa and shea butter the whole time.  My mom hardly has any at all, but we have a different skin type.
Hi I'm barely 5 weeks pregnant but my aunt when she was pregnant used I swear by the spoiled mama & bump gloss And she never got a single stretch mark
I got Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream from for my wife who is constantly complaining about her stretch marks on her stomach. Since using the cream her stretch marks have lightened about 3x the color they were. She will be using this until container is empty in hopes that they all disappear.
I can definitely feel the difference since I have been using dermelastic serum, my stretch marks are fading and I am sure with continued use they will diminish over time. The scars are also lightening up
I'm 15 weeks and just discovered my entire belly is covered in itty bitty red stretch marks, almost looks like a rash!. I've actually lost 12lbs so far but my belly just started showing last week. It's all in the genes, unfortunately no products are clinically proven to prevent marks but plenty are proven to fade them afterward - so don't worry! You can knock them out once the baby has made its exit :)

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