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How long does it take to get lab tests back? It seems like forever!

4 answers
I had some basic lab tests done (urine), and it seems like it is taking forever to get the results back. With my old doctor, it was usually next day, or the day after, now it is taking a week or so! Anybody have any thoughts?

answers (4)

i would call ur doctor..urine test come back within hours..somebodys slackin at that lab lol blood work i can understand takin a week or two but not urine..r u waiting for a pregnancy test?
I don't think it should take that long either. I would call and see what they say.
They lost my lab tests.... then they tested for the wrong things (yep, some old lady got mine, I got tested for a Went back today, had the normal lab girl do it all this time! lol. Oh well, I had to get bloodwork done today anyways, so why not! (I think they were just testing sugars and proteins the first time.....which is normally just a dip test, but I wasn't paying that much attention at the lab!). Plus they marked them all as urgent, so the lab will hopefully be more careful this time! (we live in a rural area, and they have to get shipped out, tested, and the results faxed back, so I understand there is room for mistakes).
When I got all my blood testa nd urine test done. The urine was 24 hours and the blood was 3 days.. at times if the test are good they wont even call or anything.. Thats how it was with my blood sugar test. I didnt get any calls or anything. I waited 2 weeks and they told me they were great.

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