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How long should I wait

3 answers
How long should I wait to go to the doctor to take their pregnancy test after taking a home test today.

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When i took my home test, I freaked out and ran straight to the walk in clinic to see what they had to say.and then I had another doctor apointment with another doctor a few weeks later and they gave me another test to be sure.If it's all thats on your mind,I say go any time you want. the sooner the better.
i would go asap because if u r u need to start prenatal care
After I took my home pregnancy test, I called my OB's office and they told me they'd see me around my 8th week. It seemed like it took forever. I'd been taking my prenatal for years prior to my pregnancy, but I suggest if they make you wait, go ahead and begin your prenatals. Good luck!

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