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how many are u when ur 6months?

2 answers
im 21 wks how do i know im 6months pregnant how many weeks do i have to be?

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There are 4 weeks to a month.  4x6=24. :)
Your pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last mp bc the precise date of conception ( about 2 weeks later ) is usually unknown. Your pregnancy will last approx. 40 wks, or 10 mnts of 4 wks each.month 1: 0 - 4b/c wk 0 is for mp then wk is considered conceptionmonth 2: 5 - 8wksmonth 3: 9 - 12wksmonth 4: 13 - 16wksmonth 5: 17 - 20wksmonth 6: 21 - 24wksmonth 7: 25 - 28wksmonth 8: 29 - 32wksmonth 9: 33 - 36wksmonth 10: 37 - 40wksHope this helps !!!!!!!

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