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How much milk should I be drinking?

2 answers
Was just wondering how much milk i should be drinking or if i should take some calcium pills? I'm not a big "milk drinker" .. I will drink it.. its just something i don't drink everyday. So should I start drinking more? What should I do? What vitamins should I take.. (besides Prenatal)

answers (2)

I've never been told to take any vitamins other than prenatals while I was pregnant. You should drink milk every day, atleast a little. I'm not sure the exact amount they say you need but you can get it through things like cheese, yougurt, pudding, or ice cream. That way you don't have to drink it if you don't want to and you get to eat yummy stuff and blame it on being healthy for the baby.
I do take a calcium supplement in addition to my prenatals.  With both of my previous pregnancies the baby depleted the calcium in my body to the point where I was developing stripes in my teeth from how much it was absorbing.  My doctors then suggested taking calcium, so I started with this one right off the bat and my doctor has said that's fine.  If I know my body and know this will happen there's no harm in taking the additional supplement as long as it wasn't too much for my body to absorb.  (I did eat the yogurt, cheese and other calcium sources as well as drink some milk throughout both before, but I still needed the supplement).  Check with your doctor to see what mg you should take.

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