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how much should i weight at 7months

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i started out at 115pounds now i am 141pounds at 7months what weight range should i be at

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Everyone is different.  We all gain our weight differently.  Go by what your doctor has to say about your weight.  Ideally you should gain right at 30 lbs total when pregnant, but I'm 7 months and have already gained 26 lbs.  Everyone is different and how you gain/show is going to have a lot to do with your body type.  Talk to your doctor and get their advice/opinion you may be fine because you were so small to start with. 
I am 31 yrs old due around Jan 17th and I have gained 28lbs already.  You may have water weight.  Are your ankles swollen? (mine were - which is not good)  Has your bra size changed?  (my band size has gone up one and cup size has gone up one). 
Don't worry about your weight. Worry about the size of your baby/belly, and if you are retaining water (the swollen ankles, hands, face). My midwife doesn't weight me, just measures my belly. She says too many women stress about their weight during pregnancy, and as long as you're gaining at a healthy rate, it doesn't matter. But, incase you want a number, it depends on your height. If you were 115lbs, and average height (5'5" or greater), then 30-35 lbs would be nothing to worry about, since you were under weight to start with. If you are only 5', you might want to talk to your doctor, because that is alot if you were over weight to start with.
If you are at a normal healthy weight at the start of pregnancy you should gain 25-30 pounds total. If you're either over weight or under weight you should talk to your doctor about how much you should gain.

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