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How much stress is considered too much?

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I lived in a stress free world until last night. I am 5 weeks and I have been spotting since I was suppose to start my last period. I just was informed my roommate is leaving, and I cant afford the rent on my own. My spotting is no longer just when I wipe, now its is my panties. Should I be concerned? I'm just not sure if a little stress like this could really cause any damage. I know its nothing compared to some people, but I had bad dreams about having a miscarrage all night. Please let me know what you think.

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i would go to the docs and theyll do an ultrasond..but if ur not having cramping or heavy bleeding its probly just implantation bleeding i had it on and off from weeks 6-9 and let me tell u i was so scared! but everything was fine..just go get checked out to put ur mind at ease

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