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How much "trying" should we do?

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My husband and I have just started trying to conceive. How often do we have to have sex during ovulation? My doctor told me an entire week of trying would increase our chances but it's starting to wear on me physically (if you know what I mean). Is once a day enough? Twice a day? What's best? Any ideas?

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I was told once evry other day wolud be sufficient bc the sperm stays alive for 48 hours so if once a day is too much you can skip a day and be ok. and if you stress about it you will lower your chances so relax if its more of a strain than fun, slow it down bc it wont help!! Good luck! 
i agree with babyreedsmama you should just relax it will happen  and heres a position that will help guy on top with your legs on his shoulders (fun) and it helps you concieve and after that just to be sure that his little swimmers made it to your egg try laying on the floor and putting pillows under your waits try doing this maybe every 2 days and see if it helps it worked for me i only tryed 1 month and then i got pregnant with my daughter layla
I got pregnant right away by using an online ovulation predictor.  It told me the optimal days to conceive and I got pregnant on the first try (after 6 months of guessing when to try).  We also did it every other day, making sure to have sex on our "most optimal day for conception".  We didn't have a crazy position, just normal position.  I think if the timing is right it doesn't matter how much you did it or in what position, it's just your time.  I do know that if you have too much sex then you deplete his stores of swimmers.  He should limit caffeine while try to conceive.  :)
Do what feels right for you.
Thanks for your answers every one! I will certainly try to relax and give the every other day schedule a try. I'm not sure if we'll conceive this month but I"m confident it'll happen soon :) We're still very excited.Thanks again!!! 

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