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how much weight should i gain if i am 15 weeks

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I am 20 weeks and I've only gained 10 pounds. How much weight you should gain depends on how much you weighed before getting pregnant. If you were a little overweight like me then the drs don't seem to worry as much about how much you gain. However if you were tiny to start with then its totally different. Has your dr mentioned anything about being concerned about the amount of weight you have or haven't gained? I think you are supposed to gain 6-9 pounds in the first trimester. Since you are only 2 weeks into the second trimester I would say somewhere around that amount. Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different so if your dr isn't worried then I wouldn't worry about it. Good luck! :)
Everyone is different and not all women fall into the "20-35 pound" rule.  I was a skinny minnie before I got pregnant and I've gained about 50lbs by 38 weeks.  My doctor has not said anything, because that's what's healthy for me.  And in no way am I "fat" as most of the weight we gain is water weight.
It depends on what your body type is like.  check with your doctor where they think you should be.  Sometimes you don't really have control over how much you gain.  I threw up for 4 1/2 months and still managed to gain 10 lbs.  And that was eating healthy, but that's how I am when I'm pregnant.  Check with your doctor and find out where they think you should be and if they aren't concerned then I wouldn't be either.  :)

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