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How normal is it to have false positive results on a triple screen?

3 answers
Is it normal to have false positive results on a triple screen test completed at 15 weeks?

answers (3)

I have heard of people geting false positive results on the triple screen test. I'm not sure what the odds are or anything, you might want to check with your doctor.
I am not sure of the odds, but it does happen.  It is actually more comman than you would think.  That is why they go onto further testing to make sure that they were right the first time.  For the record my sister went through the triple screen, and several other tests and they came back positive, but my sisters daughter was perfectly healthy.  It is just a test to say that the baby could possibly have something, not necessarily that they do.
This is the one that screens for Down's, right?  I've heard that 50 out of 1,000 moms will get a positive, but only 2-3 per 1,000 babies actually have Down's Syndrome.  So that means a positive is only 4-6% correct.

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