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How often?

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How often should I feel my baby move/kick?? I am 25 weeks.

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Umm i am 23 weeks and 4days along and I seem to feel him move around atleast some every few hours.. If you get concerned though that you dont feel your baby as often as you think you should pay attention to the things you eat that makes him move.. I heard that orange juice is good to get the baby moving and it works for us and so does eating anything sweet.. dont worry too much about it either way =)
Most doctors have you do kick counts when you get into the thrid trimester.  I'm not there yet, but it has to do with a certain length of time, counting how many times your baby moves and then comparing it to the last time you tested.  if the movements have decreased by a certain amount then they suggest you come in to get checked out and make sure that your baby isn't in distress.  They should talk to you about it when you are in the third trimester.  If your doctor doesn't bring it up you may want to ask them about it.
In my second pregnancy when my doctor was worried about the baby not moving they had me drink a can of very cold coke. That woke him up and got him to moving in no time. I was also further along than you are so I wouldn't be too worried. Sometimes they stay up at night while you are sleeping and play and sleep while you are awake. It's common for them to get their nights and days mixed up.
Every pregnancy is different and it is hard to say what is normal. However this is one thing that your doctor needs to be in on. But I think that as long as you can still fill him don't freak out to bad.I would still get in to the doc asap. I hope it all works out! Good luck!
Once you get closer to the due date your babies movements will slow down. You still have 14 weeks though so I would call the dr. The nurses can tell you how often you should feel him move. Normally they tell you so many an hour. That should help put your mind at ease. Good luck.
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