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How often should I be feeling movement? I'm worried she isn't wiggling around as much as she should be?

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I'm 25 weeks and I can feel baby move only during specific times of day and though she packs a mean punch every now and again I'm worried it isn't for as long or as often as it should be. What's normal for movement at this time? Its my first baby and of course I worry alot!

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My Doc told me that you should feel the baby  move atleast 4-10 times an hour.
At your stage, feeling the baby 4-10 times per hour for at least two or three periods a day is pretty normal. Baby has active periods, quiet times and sleeping time just like a newborn. If your baby's got an active personality or is a "loud sleeper" - thrashing about in its dreams, you'll feel movement more often than if you have a "quiet" baby who sleeps peacefully.
Nothing to worry about, some women aren't able to feel their babies move at all due to the way their cervix may be tilted or the thickness of it. They make 'kick counters' that you can get to keep track of how often your little one is moving and when, and after a few days of using it you may start to see a pattern of when there is a lot of movement, and when there's not. Also, OJ used to get my little guy moving in there! :) Congrats on your baby!
My son was not a wiggler.  He would goes hours without making a move that I could feel and he was born perfectly healthy.    I would just mention it to your doctor to ease you mind if nothing else.   

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