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How often should you feel the baby move at 20 weeks?

6 answers
I'm 20 weeks and 5 days. How often should i feel the baby move? I haven't felt him move since I was getting ready for work this morning. Should I be worried?

answers (6)

Not really.  Your baby is growing and that takes a lot of energy.  He or she may be making little movements that you don't feel too much either.  Try some orange juice or something with a kick to stir the baby up.
I am 28 weeks, and my doctor said that I should notice about 10 movements per DAY. Also don't worry about feeling him move each hour - especially not during the day when you are most active.
I'm 29 weeks and I find that when I'm under stress at work or really concentrating on getting something done my little guy doesn't move much.  If I'm laughing or relaxed he'll squirm up a storm, but yesterday was pretty rough at work and he was so quiet.  I think they can also feed off of what you are feeling. 
im 38 weeks and when i was 19 weeks when i just started feeling him move. So at 20 weeks it wasnt a lot at all... but as I got further along my lil man moves all the time, even now that im 38 weeks just moves all he time lol
I am 23 weeks and my baby doesn't move all the time. She likes to move when she's hungry I guess as a reminder that she wants to be fed lol but other than that she mainly moves at night or when I'm relaxing. If I'm busy I don't tend to notice unless she is kicking hard. I wouldn't worry about it. Good luck :)
i wouldnt worry about how often u feel the baby move..i was  worried in the beginning too but as long as u feel him move even a little thats all that matters..give it a few weeks and u will feel him 26wks (27 on sunday) and she moves pretty often , and like MOMMYOFZOO said she moves mre when im hungry..

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