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how safe is it to sleep on your stomache at 16 wks

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im 17 weeks :) & the first thing my doc had told me isnt a good idea to sleep on ur belly the bby cant get oxygen or blood flowing through find a way not to sleep on ur belly and its best to sleep on ur sides hope u do whats best for ur lil one =)good luck-
I read that its not safe to sleep on your stomach after the first trimester. Sorry :(
It may still be comfortable for you, but like BabyLange and Mommy said, it's really not safe for your baby.  Use a wedge or a body pillow to help find your new most comfortable position.  If you are used to being a tummy sleeper this may take some adjusting, but once your belly is really out there you won't want to anyway.  The left side is best for oxygen flow to the baby, but my doctor told me left or right will be fine, just avoid the tummy and the back. 

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