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how should I tell my husband I'm pregnant?

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It's unexpected, and I know he'll be happy, but I think he'll be in shock! I'm looking for cute/creative ways to tell him and also things that will reassure him that we can handle it. We're 24, he's still in college and I teach. We've been together for 81/2 years, but we've only been married 8 months!

answers (2)

I left my Hubby a note on an easter egg, saying "You're gonna be a DADDY!", next to his espresso machine to was around easter when we were talking about starting to try...Why don't you use the 4th of July to help handing him a box of sparklers to open, but on the inside a note saying when your due date is so save some fireworks to celebrate...?  You could go online and find a ton of ideas!
i made my husband go on a hidden clue hunt! first he would find a card to start, he would have to find what the card told him to find (short riddle) then onto the next object (teady bear maybe? or a childs drawing?) which had another card and riddle, all the objects had to do with a baby or child, then finally he came to a cigar tied a ballon that said congrats ur a daddy! (if hes non smoker than a pair of baby shoes will do!) i hope u have much fun with this and ur hubby is a paitent man!

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