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How soon into pregnancy should you being lactating? I'm at 11 weeks with no breast changes. I'm nervous I won't produce milk.

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For some it is different than others with my first I didn't start until I was six months. With my second I think it was eight months and I didn't stop until I got pregnant with the third.  This one I am eighteen weeks and its not leaking but its there. No worries it will come in.
It is different with everyone.  I am on my 4th pregnancy.  With my other 3 I didn't start lactating until after all of them were born.  Right after they were born is when the milk came in.  I did feel the my breasts become larger and fuller, but no milk had come out yet.  I hope this helps.
With both my pregnancies, my chest became enormous right away.  My milk though, didn't come in until after the delivery.  I breastfed, and right after you deliver they have you start practicing feeding the baby.  Some people need the suckling stimulation in order for the milk to actually come out.  Your body knows it needs to get ready to feed a baby, so it will be ready when there's a baby to feed.

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