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How soon will my doctor be able to tell if I am having twins? I have gained 8 lbs already and im only 7 weeks!

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The best and most reliable way to confirm a twin or multiple pregnancy is to see it with an ultrasound. An ultrasound may be able to detect multiple embryos as early as your third week of pregnancy; However, the ultrasound will be most reliable at detecting a multiple or twin pregnancy at around 6 to 8 weeks. Good luck! :)
Is ultra sound the same as a sonogram? i'm having one next monday 
they are basically the same thing..An ultrasound is the machine that allows you to watch your baby in a "real-time" mode. You can see how the baby is moving during the ultrasound. A sonogram is the picture taken during the ultrasound. The sonogram is a "still-shot" of the fetus.
also when the doctor listens for the heartbeat. normally if there are multiples they will hear more than one heartbeat. They can listen for the heartbeat around 11 weeks
im 6 weeks and i have gained 2 lbs and like my pants dont fit that well anymore

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