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how soon will my spouse be able to feel the baby moving?

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9 weeks pregnant and wanting to know this info

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depends on your pregnancy.. is it your first?? With my first pregnancy my boyfriend could not feel her move until about 24 weeks or so.. this time its our second pregnancy and he felt dominic move before 20 weeks =) good luck and try to be patient.. although it will be hard I know..
Normally its not until your atleast half way done. Other things like how strong the baby is play a part also. The stronger the movement the easier it is for someone to feel it. I know its hard to be patient but it takes time. Just try to enjoy being the only one that gets to feel it.
thank you ladies. This is actually my 2nd pregnancy. But this time I am in way better shape than I was with my son. We have already had one HUGE scare since we found out we were pregnant.
24 weeks
They're all right but it also depends on the pregnancy with my first child I never even felt my daughter move but now with my second child I am only 18 weeks and I feel my baby girl all the time so whenever I feel really big movement I get my husband to touch my belly hoping that he'll feel something soon.
He should feel it earlier than last time, but every pregnancy is different just as every child is different.  Just think somewhere around the 1/2 way point.  I'm 23 weeks (with #3) and it's still hit or miss if my hubby feels our little boy move.  Sometimes it feels so strong to me and he's like I feel nothing.  Hopefully it will get stronger soon.  :)

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