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How to tell how far you are from weeks to months...

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I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and I'm not sure if I am 5 1/2 months or starting the 6th month. What is the best way to go by when you want to know in months? I know normally everyone goes by weeks (and so do I)...but I dont know when the start/end date when it comes to finding out weeks into months. Thanks!

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a month is four weeks so count it like that.  so yup ur 5 1/2 months ! goood luck! 
also if you find your week at the strip above the answers page on this website they always tell you where you are in your month too.  :)
I have to say that whenever people ask me how far along I am it's so much easier to tell them in months.  As soon as I say "29 weeks", they say "and how many months is that?"  But it's just silly b/c going by weeks alone pregnancy is 10 months (40 weeks, 4 weeks in a month, 10 months!) so then the trimesters are all screwed up!  I think people just don't want to change the system that has been around for so long.  No matter how you choose to say it, you're in the second "trimester"  lol!  Good Luck

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