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how would i know if my water brakes??? and how could my doctor tell if my water broke before time???

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Ive had a miscarriage before i didn't know i was having one all i felt were some sever back pain and lower awful cramps and the urge to go pee when i did all sorts of blood clogs came out and i lost my child i didn't have any scrapings done bc the doctor said it would all come out on its own...... i believe i lost my baby bc i fell into a hole and hit my belly really hard ummmm ever since Ive been worrying about this pregnancy i am 9 weeks along and am worrying about everything .......................HELP ............ I DON'T WANT THE SAME THING HAPPENING AGAIN

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Most women feel uncomfortable long before their water breaks. Unlike the movies that just shows  the woman doing some regular task and then bam water every where, most woman lose their plug first which is a thick substance.  I didn't really feel pain just uncomfortable the night before, I found a tinge when I urinated that morning and called the doctor.  He said my water would break in about four hours and put me in the hospital. Don't worry you will have a warning, and if you don't it will feel like your peeing but can't stop. So if your nervous in the last month wear extra absorbent pads and carry more in your purse.
That is right! I had a terrible back ache all day at work like I'd spent the previous day moving furniture. Not what I expected pre labor to feel like. Then my underwear felt damp and I wondered if I was wetting my pants. So I kept going to the potty to check and nope. It was such a slow leak it was very hard to tell. I just thought I must be sweaty.I called the nurses and they said when I got home to lay down, if when I stood back up I had a lot of fluid leak then it would be my water breaking and that fluid would be the collected pool. BUt once I laid down I was too tired to bother. My water broke turning over in my sleep. It felt like a rubber band popping and I remeber it sounding like a ballon popping. I don't know if I should trust that memory because noises inside your body always sound louder and maybe that is just the noise I expected to hear with that sensation. Anyway it was a gusher and I had to hobble out to the car and into the hospital with a bath towel between my knees. Worlds easiest labor, done 2-3 hours after that.Good luck! I hope you have an easy one too.Sarah
calm down! sttress can contribute to a miscarriage! you don't always know when your water breaks. i didn't know mine was broken until days afterward and i had a smooth, nearly painless delivery that only lasted a few hours. my daughter is 7 months old now and she's perfectly healthy. if you think your water is broken, go to the hospital. i did twice and they told me it was fine, so when i actually was leaking amniotic fluid i didn't do anything. everything was fine, but both me and my daughter were at risk for infection because it had been broken for so long. don't ever assure yourself it's a false alarm. let a doctor decide that.

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