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HPV and Pregnancy: Can HPV affect a pregnancy?

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The HPV should not affect the baby, but I was told that the pregnancy increases the chances of developing Cervical Cancer if you have a "high risk" strain of HPV.  If you have HPV, and especially if it's deemed high risk, all it should mean is that your doctor will closely monitor you for any increase in abnormal cells on the cervix - basically to catch any developing cancerous cells early.  If they do find something, they won't treat it until after the baby is born.  Just keep in mind that HPV doesn't put your baby at risk, and as long as you keep getting regular paps, you'll be fine. 
I found an article for you to read so that you can ease your mind.  Here is is. I hope this helps.  Plus it is always good to talk to your ob doctor about anything that is concerning you.  They listen and can ease your mind on this stuff also.

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