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hum... I want to breastfeed but very nervous about the pain, also!?

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I am a nanny and work a lot.. Has anyone only pumped to feed instead of latching on? this is what I am wanting to do. I am also a whimp and nervous about it, What does it feel like and how long will it hurt for? are there different positions that will hurt less or just more comfortable?

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i dont know i have been worried about that to this is my first baby and i know that breastfeeding is better for the baby but im so nervous
Me to. everyone is telling me that Im not going to be able to do it. Which of course makes me even more nervous!
I had my son at 16 and imediatly started breast feeding i never got nervous about it I just built myself up while I was pregnant and told myself that no matter what I was going to do it. It did hurt I won't lie there. I had my son with no meds and the first week of breastfeeding hurt worse than labor but if you tell yourself enough i'm sure you'll be fine. Also the more you pump the quicker your milk will dry up, you really need the baby to latch on to stimulate your breast and produce more milk. It only hurt me for a week and now he's 17 months old with 16 teeth and I still breastfeed and doesn't hurt.1
Yes you can do it! It'll just take time to get used to it. I found using a nipple shield helped a lot with my first, you can pick these up at any target store (and I'm sure elsewhere) in the breastfeeding supplies. Also, use lanolin to keep your nipples moisturized to avoid any cracking. Good luck!
I have to admit that it only hurt when I started breastfeeding my daughter until we met with the lactation consultant and got the latching on down correctly. She is now 14 months and she is in the process of weaning herself because the milk changes during pregnancy and I am 22 weeks pregnant again. If you want to breastfeed just make sure that you decide on it ahead of time and are dedicated. You have to atleast let the aby nurse a few times and that stimulates the milk production although you can pump for alot of the time too so that you have milk pumped for when you are away from the baby.. good luck hun.. it is a great thing for the baby and you... I woudl definitly recommend it to anyone.. and if you have any questions just ask.. you can even put comments on my profile and I will try to help.. I didnt use nipple shields but I definitly recommend the lansinol cream for the first few days as your nipples get use to the nursing so they dont crack.. you can also take a little it of the milk left when the baby pulls badk and rub that on your nipples just the same and it will keep them from cracking =)
i pump alot so my husband can feed my 8 month old daughter if i gotta go somewhere and even if you dont pump latching on can be painful but most of the time its painless especialy if you use lansinol cream

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