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i am 10 weeks pregnant and i feel like a burning and graling in my tummy and i eat to see if it goes away and it does for a few minutes then comes back

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you may need to eat more
i have that too but i know I'm eating enough because I write everything down. hope you find out soon, i'd like to know too. =/
Okay so i had this problem and have had this problem since i found and just figured out what to do to stop it or fix acidic drinks in the morning.  at all, no orange juice or gatorade or anything like that.  milk is okay but still have to eat in the morning.  you have to, you may not feel like it but you need to.  I eat whole wheat toast and honey 1 slice at a time over a period of 3 hours.  The toast gets something in your stomach that wont make it upset, the honey gives you enough sugar to get going.have small snacks periodically, even if you don't think ur hungry try eating a little something, crackers with dark chocolate peanut butter are always yummy, or some gummy fruit snacks.i don't eat big lunches either, a simple sandwhich, chicken or egg salad with lettuce and tomato holds me over. and maybe a glass of OJ then for the folate, once you have food in your stomach for a few hours, acidic stuff is okay.  i hope this helps!
I'm not sure what "graling" means, but it sounds like you might be experiencing morning sickness.

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