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I am 11 weeks and I passed clots yesterday but today i am throwing up the whole day. Is this normal or miscarriage? i get to see the doctor in 3 days.

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I have been bleeding for a month now and have been to the hospital three times and they said that the baby is ok. Yesterday i was bleeding heavy with huge clots of blood. I am scared of miscarriage but today i was vomiting the whole day. I am confuse! am i still pregnant? my appointment with the doctor will be in 3 days.

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It could be either...but I would definetly call your doc tonight and not wait till your appt so you don't have to be stressed out, which isnt good for the baby! Hope everything goes well!
definetly call the docter and if you cant get ahold of him/her go to the emergency room i hope the baby is ok good luck
I was wondering if you miscarried or not, I am having the same problem I have been bleeding for the past 25 days I went to the doctor and found out I was pregnant i had cramps for a whole 3 mins on sunday with light bleeding and now im just spotting I am scared of a miscarriage I just had one 2 months ago so if you could tell me what happened with you i would appreciate it

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