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I am 12 weeks pregnant and dreamed I had a premature baby girl.

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Just this morning before waking all i remember is i had a premature baby girl but something was very wrong with her and they had to keep her in the hospital to run some tests on her. They really wouldnt let me be with her and i felt soooo desperate to stay their with her till i was told some answers. I was very persistant on being close to her. I waited all day to ask the nurse if i could just see her and kiss her and i was almost going to ask if i could just at least sleep in the same room as her but i woke up. I felt a little scared for my health.

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It's normal to have weird dreams.  Just relax.  Your baby is probably perfectly healthy and growing just fine.  I tend to have bad dreams when I hear other moms horror stories or watch too much of the strange baby stories on TLC.  My husband outlawed them with our first pregnancy because I was addicted and had terrible dreams about the worst.  Of course our baby boy was perfectly fine and I terrified myself for no reason.  Hope this helps! :)
Dreams seem so real when you are pregnant. your smell, taste, sound, all of your senses are heightened. Your dreams are a way that your body relieves stress so if that is one of your worries you have been thinking of lately, naturally you will dream of it. Try to think good things before you go to sleep and pray. God has big plans for your baby, so anything not positive or uplifting that comes to your thoughts you immediatly think good ones and blessings over your sweet baby. Your baby is gonna be full term, beautiful, perfectly healthy, and the most beautiful thing you have ever seen!

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