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I am 13 weeks an I havent really felt the baby moving although its my frist child. the doctor says he/she is healthy with a heart rate staying in the 160's..when should I start to feel movement?

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I am not a large person Id say average but still cant really tell Im pregnant either! whats going on?

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I'm pregnant with my first as well, and did not start feeling movement until around 16 weeks. Don't worry - some women don't feel anything until 20 weeks.
I didn't start to feel any movement until 20-21 weeks with my first.
The average woman usually begins to feel fetal movement anywhere from 18-22 weeks... I hope that helps! I felt movement around my 20th-21st week. By your 23rd week, you will be certain about those little movements and flutterings and punches and kicks. It makes your ovaries seem like punching bags. :)
I am pregnant with my first also and I did not know for sure that I felt her move till my 20th week. Just like you, I wanted to feel the baby move so bad for a long time. Once I knew for sure that I felt the movement, I realized that I had felt it before but it was so small that it felt like nothing. Now, I love feeling those kicks and imagining what is going on in there!! Don't worry about it, it will happen when it's meant to happen!
I agree with everyone.  You should start feeling the baby between 16-20 weeks, sometimes later.  It depends on the pregnancy and the woman.  Things always vary.  Also if the doctor says everything is good and the baby does have a good strong heartbeat then the baby just isn't big enough yet for you to feel them.  Everything is fine.
There are a lot of factors that determine when you will start to feel the baby move. If you have a thick abdominal wall it will be harder to feel. I am now in my 24th week, with my first baby, and I still don't feel it every time the baby kicks. I have really strong and thick muscles in my stomach so it is hard for me to feel everything...atleast that is what the doctors tell me. If i lay on my back for a minute I can usually get the baby to kick so that I can feel it and then I feel better.
13 weeks is to early to start feeling the baby im on my third pregnancy and with all my pregnancy i started feeling movements no earlier then 16 weeks along but it varys
I was told not to expect to feel my babygirl move until between 18 and 22 weeks, but started feeling her at about 14 or 15 weeks. It really depends on you and your baby. My mom didn't feel us until she was about 17 weeks.

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