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I am 13 weeks losing weight and have no appetite is this normal?

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I started off weighing 186lbs and now im down to 167 lbs. Im not hungry what so ever even though i force myself to eat i vomit it right back up(sorry) I just wanna know is this normal?

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every pregnancy is different.. is your dr concerned? I lost weight up until about 20 weeks or so and have only gained a total of 2 since I stopped losing it.. I had terrible morning sickness and couldnt keep anything down yet my little boy is growing just fine and is even measuring ahead of schedule so my dr isnt concerned at all.. just trying to give you a positive story to relate too.. I was concerned more then anything but everything is turning out just fine =)
I'm currently in my 15th week and I've lost a total of 12 pounds since I found out I was pregnant.  My doctor said it was perfectly normal as my baby is measuring and growing well.  As long as the baby is doing well, you should be just fine.  It seems that those baby's find a way to get nutrients out of anything. Also, this is my second pregnancy and with the first I gained  38 pounds (oops) but in due time you will gain the wait trust me :) 
I think that it's perfectly normal unless your Dr. tells you otherwise.  I mean in the beginning of my pregnancy till about week 18 I was in the hospital constantly to get fluids through IVs because my morning sickness was so bad and I lost about 5lbs. but now at week 20 I feel fine.   During the time I did have to take nausea pills to eat but now I'm eating without them.  I'm just not as hungry as I was when I wasn't preg. but I believe that this time will pass for you just like it did for me.  Good Luck!
i think its normal but if your really worried then ask your docter
I think it's normal too.  I lost a ton of weight, because I threw up until I was about 17 weeks along.  I still throw up occassionally depending on what I eat and I'm 24 weeks now.  I too lost a ton of weight in the beginning.  You'll start to pick it back up once your sickness settles down.  You'll get your appetite back too.  Just hang in there.  Try eating baland things toast, crackers, broth.  They won't help with the weight gain, but you will probably be able to keep them down better.  Also, you may want to switch when you are taking your prenatal vitamin, as silly as it sounds, it may be contributing to your morning sickness.  I used to take mine in the am but was so ill from it that I switched to bedtime and feel so much better.  good luck!
as long as you rare eating and hydrating your body, it is ok. the doctor will def let you know if the baby is not growing normally, even between ultrsounds they measure the growth of your uterus which lets them know the baby is progressing normally. This is my second pregnancy and with my first I didn'y lose any weight I gained right of the bat but in this pregnancy I lost 20lbs in the first 4 months and didnt not start gaining until around 20weeks . also depends on your weight  before the pregnancy.

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