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I am 14 weeks and I just found out my baby didn't make it. I am extremely sad and can't stop crying!!!!!!

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I am too sad to elaborate on how I feel, but I do want to thank all the ladies that responded to my concern, posted earlier this week. Also, I wanted to ask when would be prudent to try getting pregnant again.

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Well I had a miscarriage 10 months after my first son was born and got pregnant the next time we were able to try to conceive and I had twins.  It is really sad when you lose a child but God is in control and that is what got me through it.  I know he has a purpose for me and how many children I have so I left it in his hands.  I think whenever you feel ready to have a child again you should try.  I know you are VERY fertile right after having a miscarriage.  So it is up to you when you decide to try for another one.  God Bless-Lena-JOHN 14:6 Jesus  said  to him, "I am  the way, and the truth,and the life ; no one comes  to the Father but through Me.
oh my, I am so sorry for your loss. I am about 7 weeks right now. Everyone one of us worries about this happening when we are in our first trimester. I think they say you are suppose to wait 3-6 months for your uterus to shed all the extra tissue and have time to heal completely. It shows great courage to want to try again so soon. I hope that you get pregnant again easily and hope that your future baby makes it to be a healthy term baby.
I lost a baby almost a year ago.  I'm so sorry for your loss and I can't imagine how hard it is since you were farther along than I was.  My suggestion is to talk about it... with a spouse or family member or close friend... Don't shut others out... I know I was afraid of making people "tired of me" by talking about it or crying to them too much.. but those that love you will never feel that way.. and know that it is OK to cry - even several weeks or months later. . .
So sorry to hear of your loss.  Last year I lost my baby girl at 20weeks.  The best thing I did was to write in a journal and talk to people.  I didn't want my memories of the pregnancy to fade and I knew I wouldn't remember everything, so that is what led me to write.  As soon as everything was written down I felt a pressure lifted from me!  I can only encourage you to do what you think is best for you.  My doctor asked me to wait 3mths before trying again, and 5mths later I got pregnant.  I am now 10weeks along and hoping for the best.  Good Luck!
I'm so sorry to hear that so many women have gone through the same thing - losing a baby.  I found out at the end of my first trimester that I'd lost my baby (I was 13 weeks along, but the baby only measured about 10), and I went in for a D&C a few days later.  When I visited my doctor a week after surgery for a check-up, he said I had no signs of infection and that we could start trying again after I'd had two regular periods.  This would give my body time to heal, but I realized that it would give me time to heal emotionally, as well.  This all happened less than three weeks ago, so we're still dealing with very fresh emotions and very raw pain, but it gets a bit better every day.  The time has also shown us that we definitely want to have another child, so we're praying that God will bless us with another healthy baby (to join our 21-month old).  I'd also heard that women are very fertile after a miscarriage, so I'm hoping that my husband and I will conceive soon!I agree with the other ladies - talk about it, share your feelings.  I had no idea how many other people had gone through the same things I did, but after people began to find out (I had started "showing" with this pregnancy at 6 weeks, so after my D&C, when I completely lost my baby belly, it was pretty obvious what had happened), I was amazed by how many other women had experienced the same type of pain.  And it was helpful to see how many women had gone on to have healthy children after experiencing a miscarriage.  So, talking about it can not only give you support and comfort, it can give you hope, too!  Good luck to everyone who is trying to conceive!
Its gonna be ok, you jut have to calm down and think of it this way the baby didnt make it for a reason. cause i know how you feel when i was 15 i was pregnant and at 5 weeks i also lost my baby, i was devastated but i went to my doctor to get some tips on how to get pregnant again, and he told me to calm down eat right and wait to ovulate again and lokk at me now trying for 2 years im 3 months and three weeks pregnant and i love it. You'll see you will get pragnant again. GOOD LUCK!!! I'll keep in touch.
I am so sorry..I know how you feel i have had six miscarraiges.just stay strong and you will make it through this tough time.
i'm sorry, you just have to cry and let all the pain out , after two children we tried n i had three miscarry n next thinkg you know out of the blue we have two boys  you know crying is ok n talking to someone about it helps, even screaming once is ok. be strong n don't keep telling your self y because your just hurtting yourself don't worry within days time you 'll heal so take care of your self
im so sorry about ur little one.
im so sorry about ur little one.

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