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I am 14 weeks pregnant, and I am having cramping and spotting, what is

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this? My insurance has not kicked in yet, so I don't have a doctor yet. Is this normal, or do you think I should go to the ER?

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Earlier on - between 7-10 weeks it is usually normal for an implantation bleed, but at 14 weeks you should be past it.  you may have another infection that is bringing on the bleeding like a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection and those would cause the cramping as well.  Call your insurance carrier and find out if your insurance is active, if it is you can get an emergency visit to an ob.  if not you may want to head to the ER.  Any kind of bleeding can be cause for concern depending on the amounts and as gross as this sounds...the color.  It does make a difference.  Good luck!
go in even if nothings wrong safe is better then sorry
Go in immediately!  It is ALWAYS better to get it checked out.  Just a heads up the ER docs will probably tell you that you should get a prenatal doc right away.
I am agreeing with the previous answers.. better safe then sorry.. I would go in.. some cramping is normal I know as the ligaments and everything stretch but I wouldnt consider the bleeding to be something normal.. good luck =)

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