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I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have not yet gained any weight. Should I be concerned?

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I look and feel as though I have put on weight. I have a small baby bump, but my weight is still the same as before I got pregnant. This makes me a little worried as to if the baby is growing properly or that I may be doing something wrong.

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When I went in for my check up at 14wks the Doc told me I had lost about 4lbs.  She said totally normal, not to worry I would start gaining before I knew it.  Now Im 16wks, and have put on about 2-3lbs.  I think at this point your baby is still less than 2ounces!  Just keep a healthy diet.  As far as the weight gain I feel the same, not really showing, just a little softer in the abdomen...
I am 21wks and have only gained 1lb  When we went for our ultrasound, the baby was growing and looked perfectly healthy.  My doctor was not concerned at all.  As long as you are eating healthy and your doctor is fine with no weight gain, I would enjoy it.  The weight will come soon.  A lot of women would love to be 14wks and not have gained a pound.  Good luck to you!!!
I'm 29weeks pregnant or 7months and it wasn't till my third month that i gained weight and when i did I had only gained 5lbs. I've now gained all together 21bs and I also do not have a big baby bump. As long as u are eating healthy and taking your prenatal vitimans you should be fine. some women just don't gain alot of weight...which is a good thing. lol also if there was anything wrong your doctor would tell u right away. so just relax and be glad ur not blowing up like the good year blimp and even if you do it's all good as long as the baby is healthy.

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