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I am 15 weeks and still losing weight...

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I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second child and no matter what i do I cant seem to keep from losing weight.. I have morning sickness for awhile but it has gotten much better..things sound good but I just cant seem to eat much at all... I have lost nearly 20 lbs since finding out I was expecting again.. the dr was concerned if this continued into the 2nd trimester and on, and sadly to say it has.. I have lost 2 lbs this week alone.. please help and give any advice that you can...

answers (2)

I kept losing weight up until i was 32 weeks im now 36weeks and the doctor said it was fine as long as the baby is growing right. And gaining his proper weight too. You will later eventually gain the weight u need to put on for the baby. For some ppl it just takes alot longer. Take me for example. Good luck!
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