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I am 16 weeks and barely showing does that mean that my baby is going to be under weight?

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I only gained 2 pounds but you cant even tell! I was wondering if thats normal or if I need to eat more which I already eat alot!

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I just gave birth to my 4th (living) baby and my friends teased me for months that I wasn't pregnant again because I gained almost nothing for the first 6 months. My baby was born two days before my due date and weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 oz. ~ perfectly healthy. If you've had a lot of morning sickness that could have prevented a lot of weight gain... also depending upon your body type and previous weight your body may not have needed to pack on the pounds yet. It's also different with each pregnacy, and it can take a while to "show," esp. if this is your first. I'd let your doctor know that you're worried, though. Sometimes low weight gain can be a sign of problems. I would expect that you'll probably have an ultrasound within the next few weeks to check on your baby's growth, too.I wish you all the best!
I'm in the same boat as Dalesmom1031. Your doc will tell you if something is wrong.  Both pregnancies, I didn't show til 6 months... didn't need to wear a size small in maternity til 7 1/2 months... didnt start gaining weight til 8 months.Just do what you're doing.  Not all pregger women need to be cows- THAT is not healthy.  You really only need 300 extra calories a day to help fuel that fetus... that's 3 slices of wheat bread.  If you feel hungry, eat, but there's no race to gain.  You may just have the ability to carry well.  Your metabloism speeds up while you're body is working around the clock, so if you aren't overeating, you probably won't gain weight.   
You only need around 300 extra calories a day above and beyond a healthy diet for your body type in order for your baby to be okay. Check with your OB to see if the baby is on track and if so don't worry. If the doc expresses concern, then try to eat a little more. As far as showing, I didn't show until my 22nd week with my first pregnancy even though I had gained 15 lbs by then. So if this is your first you may show later - especially if you were overweight pre-pregnancy. My aunt didn't show at all her entire pregnancy because she weighed almost 250 lbs beforehand, even though she gained 20 more.
BTW: my sister recently had her third baby and she only gained 3 pounds by 16 weeks and 15 pounds altogether but had an 8 lb, 10 oz baby a week before her due date. The baby will usually get what he or she needs by leeching it from your body if you don't consume enough for both of you. So your baby will be born with strong bones even if yor teeth start falling out.

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