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I am 18 weeks and I really havent exercised since I found out I was pregnant . Can I start going to the gym now?

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I was active before I got pregnant but I'm noticing my legs and butt are getting really big. I don't want to put on too much weight but I don't want to hurt the baby by starting now. If I start off slow?

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Yes, please go do it!Your family and friends, like mine, may make you feel like you need to stay on your couch and sit perfectly still for the next 4 months.  Hogwash.Women run marathons pregnant, up until the final weeks of their full-term pregnancies... NOW- those women were running marathons before they were pregnant, so their body was already in respective shape for that.I'm a distance runner, and I ran until I just didn't feel comfortable anymore- 34 weeks.  I also did judo up until 20 weeks.  I'm 39 weeks and now I'm walking at a steep incline on the treadmill [usually NOT an option for me, but it's kicking my butt!] and I still use thei weight machines at the gym.  At home, I use 5 lb. dumbells.  It all depends on your fitness level and what you did before. Talk to your doctor to be safe.Since you say you've been out for a while, you'll notice little changes that may discourage you at first- this is only the beginning!  It may be a little harder to breathe, for one.People will think that even walking will make your baby fall out of you, or if you're cleared to run, that he'll end up with bruises all over him, etc.  Then, tell me, what's the amniotic fluid for!?!!?  You're baby is fully surrounded my that fluid, and right now, probably the size of a shrimp.  Yes, you need to be careful, but that baby has a lot more protection than we think.Just remember to eat extra calories if you'll be burning them and to drink water like you've never drank it before!!!  Working out is fine, probably encouraged by your doc once he brings it up, but don't try to lose weight!
You are SUPPOSED to exercise during pregnancy. You don't necessarily need to hit the gym unless you prefer it to walking in your neighborhood or using your own treadmill,swimming in the neighborhood pool, lifting your own weights (I use gallon jugs with varying levels of water instead of traditional weights) and finding exercise programs on TV that don't include laying flat on your back, getting overheated or out-of-breath, or positions where you may fall if your balance is compromised. And be sure to stay hydrated and not to LOSE weight. There should be some "How to stay fit" or "Exercises during pregnancy" articles on here somewhere.

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